Murder On the Orient Express


I just read the book last week (I know. It’s been on my TBR for yearssss.) and we just returned from seeing the movie. It has only solidified my opinion: the book is always better. The movie wasn’t terrible, there were just quite a few artistic liberties taken and I am a stickler for detail – I personally think the integrity of the novel and keeping to specifics should be adhered to and made as a priority. 

Just my two cents. Have you seen it yet? Thoughts?


  1. Holly B / Dressedtoread · November 13

    I tried to go see it yesterday, but my hubby says…”I need to work in the yard”! I guess I’ll wait until it comes out on video!


  2. Satou Johns · December 14

    My BF wants to watch the movie, for some reason it really calls his attention. I have seen the book around but I have never bought it. I think I have too many books already on my TBR list…

    Thank you for sharing!

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