Review: Sheer Mischief by Jill Mansell


It’s not that Janey Sinclair isn’t happy to see her sister—she just wishes that she could have arrived in a less dramatic fashion. Waking up at seven a.m. to Maxine waiting at the door wearing a borrowed wedding dress and with a police escort wasn’t how Janey planned to start her Sunday.

Still, life’s never dull when Maxine’s around, and Janey, who’s rebuilding her life, is delighted that her sister’s back in town. So when Maxine sets her sights on glamorous fashion photographer Guy Cassidy, Janey knows there’s no limit to the mischief her sister will make in order to dispatch the competition. Little do they know that the competition is a lot closer to home than they think…


When you read as many thrillers as I do, it’s imperative to line up some lighter reads to break up the doom and gloom, and Jill Mansell is perfect for these. Her books are just the right amount of sugar without being too sweet.

Mansell has a way of writing characters that totally humanizes them in a light way. They are flawed and they are real, but they are also very funny and ridiculous at times which is why these books make me smile.

My single complaint would be that, at more than 500 pages, this one was a bit long winded, but never did it feel redundant.

I recommend this book to readers who are looking for a fun read, with some romance but light on the gushy stuff. Just a good, fun read.

Thank you for Netgalley, Jill Mansell and Sourcebooks for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

4 stars

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