Vintage Nancy Drew Collection

Awhile back, I happened upon an entire collection of vintage Nancy Drews at a used book sale, and I maybe might have screamed a little. She is the reason I still love mysteries and I credit her for my lifelong love of reading. Anyone else grow up on Carolyn Keene?


  1. emmasbookishcorner · 24 Days Ago

    YES! I would have squealed too!

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  2. Fictionophile · 6 Days Ago

    Lucky you! Both for finding them and for having the space to store them. LOL
    Check out my Personal Canon post and you will see that Nancy has another fan.

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    • thebookcollective · 6 Days Ago

      Love it!! It wasn’t a complete collection, so I was able to squeeze them into my shelf😊 but I am quickly running out of space!


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