Review: Hotel on Shadow Lake by Daniela Tully


When Maya was a girl in Germany, her grandmother was everything to her: teller of magical fairy tales, surrogate mother, best friend. Then, shortly after Maya’s sixteenth birthday, her grandmother disappeared without a trace, leaving Maya with only questions to fill the void.

Twenty-seven years later, her grandmother’s body is found in a place she had no connection to: the Montgomery Resort in upstate New York. How did she get there? Why had she come? Desperate for answers, Maya leaves her life in Germany behind and travels to America, where she is drawn to the powerful family that owns the hotel and seemingly the rest of the town.

Soon Maya is unraveling secrets that go back decades, from 1910s New York to 1930s Germany and beyond. But when she begins to find herself spinning her own lies in order to uncover the circumstances surrounding her grandmother’s death, she must decide whether her life and a chance at true love are worth risking for the truth.


3.5 rounded up stars because I definitely shed a tear!

This one had a slow start but really picked up pace at about the halfway point, and once it did, I was all in. A sad, touching love story in the midst of the atrocities of World War II and a mystery to discover what really happened all those years ago.

In the Acknowledgements, the author mentioned that she drew from a true family story pulled from letters and diaries passed along the years. And if this isn’t any historical fiction fan’s dream, I don’t know what is – oh how I would love to discover an old diary of my ancestors to learn about what life was really like back then!

This one will definitely pull at your heartstrings; it even has a Kate Morton feel in its structure – there is love and mystery and several timelines and fairy tales. Recommend to readers of historical fiction.

Thank you to Will at Thomas Dunne/St. Martin’s Press for sending me a copy of this book!

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