Review: Life on the Leash by Victoria Schade @GalleryBooks @VictoriaSchade


5 big old ginormous stars for this book from me! Any book that gives you chills at the end deserves a full sweep!

I loved everything about this book – not only did it appeal to my love of dogs but it was so, so much more. It was about the kindness and compassion of people like our main character, Cora, who have made such a difference in the lives of animals.

I have three rescue dogs myself, so this was especially close to my heart. The message here is an important one. It was also a realistic depiction of dog training with positive reinforcement instead of negativity and abuse.

But it’s not just about dogs! We have a villain, two love interests, and a landscaping competition reality show. There was humor and depth and romance. I loved the comic relief from Cora’s roommate and best friend, Maggie. I adored Eli and his salsa dancing and giant heart. And the dogs – they all had their own personalities and were important characters!

I highly recommend this to animal lovers! You will not be disappointed!

A huge thank you to Gallery Books for my early copy. This one will be available September 18th!


Must Love Dogs meets My Not So Perfect Life in this hilarious romantic comedy about a dog trainer who’s a master at managing her four-legged friends, but when it comes to her love life…let’s just say she still has a lot to learn.

Cora Bellamy is a woman who thrives on organization. She’s successfully run her own dog training business for years, perfectly content with her beloved rescue pitbull as the main man in her life. She’s given everything to her business, and her lack of social life (or slobber-free clothes) has been completely worth it.

But all that changes when she meets Charlie Gill, the hottest client she’s ever had. The only problem? Charlie’s taken. Luckily, Cora has a new friend—the sweet, lovably geeky Eli Crawford. More loyal than a retriever, he’s always there to help Cora with her problems, including her love life. That’s why she’s shocked to realize that even as things start heating up with Charlie, there might just be a more-than-friends spark between her and Eli, too.

As Cora’s life gets more tangled up than a dogwalker’s leashes—and as she prepares to audition for a dog-training TV show that may irrevocably change her entire life—she has to figure things out before it all goes straight to the dogs.

Charming, witty, and warm-hearted, Life on the Leash inspires you to cheer for every underdog looking for love.


  1. nightcapbooks · September 15

    I love charming and witty. Adding it to my tbr!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Stephanie · September 15

    Great review! I loved this one too! It was so charming and witty! I love dogs too…we have a 10 year old Lab, my 14 yr old Irish Setter just passed away last Nov, and I would do anything for my doggies! I was so glad the book promoted all the positive behavior methods because I get so angry seeing dogs, well, any animal being abused! I think this one would be a super-cute movie! Loved Eli ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • thebookcollectiveblog · September 16

      Oh I’m so sorry you lost your pup. I am really not looking forward to the day when my pups pass. I agree, loved the positivity and this would make a fab movie! I would watch it!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Stephanie · September 16

        Awww, thank you. I can honestly say it was one of the most devastating days of my life (except for the day my cat passed away). We are huge animal lovers, but she was my dog and we were attached at the hip. It’s hard to go through, remember, and I totally empathize with you not looking forward to that day! I hope you have your pups around a long time! Our other dog is 10, so I hope he’s got a few more years. You can see him slowly starting to slow down, and I get worried. Yes, I would too! I’d love to see Fritz on the big screen. ❤

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      • thebookcollectiveblog · September 17

        Same here, huge animal lover🙋🏻‍♀️ I’d love to have a whole farm full of rescue animals! Kind of like the sanctuary in the book🙌


      • Stephanie · September 17

        Me too!! It would be amazing! ❤

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  3. Love your review! I just am about finished with this! Such a fun adorable book!💕🐕🐩🐾💕

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