Book vs. Film: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

I absolutely loved Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, so much in fact that I didn’t want to see the film because I thought I wanted to keep it in my head and in my heart the way I envisioned it.

Last Saturday night, I finally gave in and watched it (my husband is a big Game of Thrones fan, so I was able to talk him into it because of the casting!).

I am a firm believer in “the book is always better” but interestingly enough, this film played out almost identically as to how I saw it in my mind. I’ve never had this experience before and thought it was so interesting. Definitely a credit to the author who can create vivid, detailed descriptions that play out in your mind and are able to be transferred seamlessly to the big screen.

Have you read the book? Seen the film? I’d love to hear your thoughts on both!


  1. Zoe O'Farrell · 12 Days Ago

    I have not read the book yet, which is scandalous as I generally read the books before watching the film but I loved the film. Snot crying by the end of it. I do have all her books and need to catch up so I am glad that you enjoyed both

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    • thebookcollectiveblog · 12 Days Ago

      You have to love any book or movie that can turn you into a blubbering mess! I am right there with you – I was weeping in both. Enjoy the book! SO good!

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  2. The book is on my TBR this month. I keep being warned about how much I’m going to cry so I’m worried lol

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    • thebookcollectiveblog · 12 Days Ago

      I had no idea going in so maybe it’s good you have a heads up!! Looking forward to hearing what you think!


  3. Tina Woodbury · 12 Days Ago

    I loved both!!

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  4. Jonetta (Ejaygirl) · 12 Days Ago

    I loved both, too. Like you, I cannot read the book after seeing the film so I read it first. Well cast and produced.

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  5. L Lostinacoulee · 12 Days Ago

    Loved this book Melis. Like you, I never find the movie as good as the book. So glad you enjoyed both!! Great post! 😘

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  6. Love the book, afraid to watch the movie, I’m also afraid to watch the sequels, I’ve heard the third is good but the second not so much? Love this post!💛🧡

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  7. carhicks · 11 Days Ago

    I have to agree with you Melisa. I read the book first because I do not want to get a preconceived notion of what is supposed to happen. I also thought the movie was well done. That does not happen often.

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  8. angiedokos · 10 Days Ago

    I totally agree. I loved the book and the movie. The biggest difference that I can remember at this time is her relationship with her sister.

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