My name is Melisa, I’m a 30-something mom of two little boys and an avid reader. I have been reviewing for some time on Goodreads and have developed an amazing community there, I’ve decided it was time to take things up a notch and start this here little blog to share my love of books throughout the internets.

My tastes in books are quite eclectic, however I read mostly fiction – mysteries, thrillers, historical fiction and chick lit are my faves, but I will read anything that sounds interesting.

I generally give concise, conversational reviews – I like to think of what I would say to a friend I bumped into at the library who asked about the last book I read.

Aside from books, I love food, wine, animals, city life, vintage, photography and pretty much anything that has to do with Downton Abbey. Half of my family lives in Italy. I’ve never been to England which probably explains my English manor fascination (obsession is a bit too strong of a word.) I’m a former ballerina.

I love talking books and meeting others who love to talk books, so always feel free to say hi.

Hope you enjoy my newest little venture into the world of book reviews.



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I’ve recently updated my blog policy: I am no longer reviewing books to which I would give less than 3 stars. I am using this space as a place to recommend books that I love rather than talk about books that I didn’t. Hope you enjoy these books too!💙